Why choose Lambright and Associates as your accounting firm?

When you choose Lambright and Associates, you’ll have a team of advisors that you can trust. You can count on us being there for you at the start, providing accounting, tax advice and business solutions designed specifically for you.

Have a need?We’ll take care of it.
Have a question?We’ll answer it.
Have a problem?We’ll fix it.

How does our relationship begin?

It all starts with a quick phone call or a brief visit to our office. If you prefer, send us an email and we'll reach out to you to schedule an initial phone call or visit to your office.

The first step in supporting you is determining the most efficient, effective solution to your everyday challenges. Whether you need accounting support for your existing staff, a financial statement prepared for the bank, tax preparation services, or you just need us to roll up our sleeves and close your books. We will do whatever it takes to provide you with comprehensive and reliable accounting services.

Our values and core beliefs

To ensure you receive the maximum benefit from our services, Lambright and Associates adheres to the following core beliefs:

Own it!

Do your homework and take ownership of completing the project.

Know what you don't know!

If we lack the expertise to provide a service, we have an extensive network of professionals with technical skills to provide the service.

Be creative!

Work within the Client’s system to complete the project. if the system is the problem, devise ways to “work around” the system until a better solution can be found

Listen to the Client!

Understand what the Client needs before developing the best approach.

Address the real issue!

Clients want our honest opinion whether it relates to their accounting, systems, processes or personnel.

Keep the Client updated!

Communicate issues continuously to keep the project moving so we can stay on track.

Stay flexible!

Priorities can change on a daily basis. Always be prepared to change directions if the Client’s needs also change.

Provide service!

If a Client calls with a challenge, address it as quickly as possible.

Make it personal!

Become one of the Client’s key advisors. If the Client is successful, then we are successful.